Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vegas Rundown - Week 12

I was in the great State of Missouri last weekend so I did not get to watch as many games as normal. Which means I don’t have a lot of commentary on the games this week. However, one thing I can tell you is that my attempt at being a handicapper did not pay off, I picked Northwest Missouri State as a 7.5 point favorite and they ended up losing a heart breaker straight up. The one disappointing thing about last week’s games is the Alabama loss. I think, like a lot of college football fans, I really was looking forward to a possible Alabama v. Oregon National Championship Game. Oh, well I guess I will just hope that Bill Schneider at KSU finally gets his opportunity to play in the big game before age catches up with him.

Anyway, here are my picks for the week. As always, take them or leave them, I still don’t care about your opinion.

Hawaii v. Air Force (AF -23, O/U 61) 
This is the point in the season when the travel to the mainland starts to catch up with the Rainbow Warriors. Even though this spread is above three touchdowns I like the Falcons in this one because this is in Colorado Springs. The altitude and travel are going to catch up with Hawaii.

The Pick: Air Force

Virginia Tech v. Boston College (VT -10, O/U 50.5) 
The Hokies played pretty well last week against Florida State and their season is not completely over. If they can win their last two games of the year, they can still get to the magical six wins to become bowl eligible. Look for the Hokies to be highly motivated and have just too much athletic ability for Boston College.

The Pick: Virginia Tech -10

Missouri v. Syracuse (MO -4.5, O/U 54.5) Although they are not the dog this week, we have been having good luck with the Tigers the past few weeks. This game is in Columbia so there is no “dome” factor, which hurt me last week with my Louisville pick. Look for the Tiger to roll in this one, they have been battling it out in the SEC for weeks and this game against a Big East foe, may be exactly what they need at this point in the season.

The Pick: Mizzou -4.5

Northwestern v. Michigan State (State -7, O/U 45) 
I like the Spartans in this game for a couple of reasons. First, an excellent running game and second, solid defense. This will be one of the most balanced teams Northwestern has faced all season and it is on the road. Look for Michigan State to put up an early lead and then hang on using their defense to win this one by around 10.

The Pick: Michigan State -7

Utah State v. Louisiana Tech (State -3, O/U 72.5) 
I don’t know a lot about either of these teams, other than Utah State almost upset Wisconsin earlier in the season. I am only writing about it because for some reason it is the game of the week here at Productive Sweatpants. I am going to go with the Bulldogs one for simple reason, I have not taken an underdog yet. It is a 50/50 proposition, right? Go Dogs!

The Pick: LA Tech +3

Bonus picks for the week. Both Northwest Missouri State and Missouri Western are going to win their first round playoff games, setting up a big rematch next weekend.

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