Thursday, December 27, 2012

PS Bowl-A-Thon 2012: Advocare V100 Independence Bowl

In case your wondering AdvoCare V100 is a vitamin.

The When/Where:
AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl, Independence Stadium, Shreveport, LA, December 28th, 2012, 2:00 pm ET, ESPN

The Who:
Ohio Bobcats (8-4, 4-4 MAC) @ University of Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks (8-4, 6-2 Sun Belt)

The Why:
Mostly this is because the bottom of the SEC and ACC were terrible. This bowl is suppose to take the #10 SEC team and the #7 ACC team. But since neither could produce that many bowl eligible teams we get the 6th place MAC team vs the 3rd place Sun Belt team. Rejoice!

This is Ohio's sixth bowl game all time, where they've dominated  been not so good, going 1-5. But the Warhawks, they've been solid in bowl play going 0-0. Yeah it's their first bowl game ever. Like ever, ever. 

What Smartypants Accounting Guy Would Tell You:
We've got a pass first offense against a run first offense. Ohio is 29th in rushing and ULM is 27th in passing. The difference is ULM is a bit more successful overall. They are the 34th total offense and come in at 25th in scoring. Ohio is right behind them in total offense at 43rd, but are just 52nd in scoring offense.

Defensively, well let's not talk about defense. Ohio is down defensively and ULM isn't really good. Yeah they're 32nd against the run, but that's because they can't stop anybody from throwing the ball. Neither of these teams is relying on its defense to win for them.

Pool Prognosticators Pattern:
I just don't like Ohio. It's Ohio State's fault, but still, don't like the state. And I love Cajun food. War Damn Hawk!

The Vegas Edge:
ULM is seven point favorite with the O/U at 61. ULM is 8-4 ATS and Ohio is a terrible 4-8. Neither of these teams fared well against winning teams with Ohio going 1-3 and ULM going 2-3. Ohio is a decent dog team though going 11-5 in its last 16 as the dog. But, ULM is 4-1 as a 3.5 - 10 pt favorite. To me, I think the play is the over, it is the MAC vs the Sun Belt.

The Sweatpants Verdict:
Initially I had this thing as a walk in the park for ULM. But, after looking into the game a little further, I don't know if it's so open and shut. The Warhawks should be able to score, but I'm worried that their defense won't be able to hold the a lead and let Ohio continuously come back. One thing did jump out at me that calmed me a bit, Ohio was 1-4 down the stretch. Not to mention that their losses were to: Kent St, Ball St, Bowling Green, Miami OH and Marshall. ULM's losses: Auburn, Baylor, ULL and Ark St. I'll take the later's resume.

ULM 42 - 33

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