Monday, December 3, 2012

We're Buying Diamond Studded Sweatpants for 2013!

(Co-Authored by Drake and B1G)

As the college football season draws to an end, and we prepare for the onslaught of bowl game gluttony, we reflect on the year that was for our merry band of bloggers.

Overall the blog had a pretty good year. If you look at it as a whole, we were a dominant 71% straight up (191 - 77). Even more impressive, given our amateur gambler status, we finished 51% against the spread (135 - 128). All the pros say if you finish above .500 for a season, you've won. Using that I think it's fair to say, we won. So if you followed our advice week-in and week-out, enjoy Christmas on us.

Maybe you caught on early and figured out who was the getting it right each week? And if you did, you're welcome. Now, I'm not going to brag, but, here is a look at each of our performances. Rankings are based upon against the spread (ATS) records only.

#5 - B1G

Records: 21 - 14 SU (60%) and 11-22 ATS (33%)

Not bad for a person who doesn't live in Vegas, recently got married and was largely engaged in the  political underworld for the 2012 elections (he still believes Ohio is going Red, by the way). Much like the conference he covered all season, his overall performance (and Ohio's) was disappointing and that is good enough for last place.

#4 - Drake

Records: 46 - 19 SU (70%) and 32 - 31 ATS (51%)

The Divination did okay, but his schedule was filled with non AQ schools, so really he under performed in the grand scheme of things. His season is far from over, however. Stay tuned for his and B1G's annual Bowl-A-Thon coverage over the next month.

#3 - SEC Guy

Records: 42 - 13 SU (76%) and 29-27 ATS (52%)

It is really no surprise his SU performance was as solid as it was. He often took the SEC heavyweight against its much weaker conference opponent. Much like his vaunted Crimson Tide, however, once the spread was involved, his record became blemished and his weakness exposed. Still good, but perhaps not as solid as he claims to be.

#2 - NV Nole

Records: 32 - 19 SU (63%) and 27 - 24 ATS (53%)

One of two here who frequently put his money where his mouth was, NV Nole's run was good enough for 2nd place. Take it or leave it, he probably doesn't give a damn.

#1 - Vegas CyClown

Records: 50-12 SU (81%) and 36 - 24 ATS (60%)

Yes, the margin of victory here is pretty impressive- almost as impressive as his ability to keep his arm from breaking with the constant pats on the back. A full seven percentage points over the field where money matters and 4% SU is unprecedented in the history of Productive Sweatpants. Mainly because we haven't kept stats before. Anyway, for those of you betting at home, you're welcome. That is a 14.5% return on your investment. Also, does anyone have room for Vegas CyClown's head to live with them?

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