Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Holy Crap! A Season Preview?

August 27, 2013. It’s the end of August. Holy crap, it’s the end of August!

That’s pretty much how things went down as it dawned on me that this Saturday was the start of College football. Is it an indication on how kick ass the summer was? Sure, let’s go with that. The reality is, I just haven’t been motivated to dive into football yet.  I wish I could explain why. If I could, I would find the root problem, pick it out and smash it into a million pieces.

I mean, it’s College Football Season!

Have I been keeping up with fall camp? Yes

Have I been avoiding Johnny Autograph stories as best I can? Yep

Have I speculated on who will win the Heisman? Of course

Have I even cared about who will win the American? I guess

I think I’ll blame it on the weather. See, its 100 degrees outside right now and it’s going to be in the 90’s for another month or two. I mean we’re planning pool parties around the fourth week’s football schedule.  I’ve been in Vegas for three years now and I’m always surprised when fall sneaks up on me. One of these days, damn it, I’ll get this thing figured out.

But today is about the here and now. And the here and now for this blog looks a bit bleak I’m afraid. To go with that unpreparedness for the season comes with it a realization that “I gotta write some shit.”

So here we are.

Over the past two years we added a few writers, added some segments, laughed, cried. And it was pretty fun. But as life goes on, responsibilities change and old hobbies get replaced with new ones. So we now find ourselves coming full circle a bit.

It’s just you and me, kids.

What does that mean? Well, it means less content. Not that a team of us were cranking out piles and piles of useful or enjoyable stuff before, but at least it was different stuff. Nope, not this season. This year you just get me. Maybe one of the boys will pop back in for a guest spot here and there. I mean how are you going to get along without your weekly dose of SEC Guy’s blathering about Bama? I know, I know. There, there. It’ll be okay. We’ll soldier on together.

So, what you’ll find in these here pages will be a slimmed down version of the past couple of years. Quick Buck Thursday will make its triumphant return, which as you know is my attempted to give you “book breakers” for the weekend’s slate of games. Friday’s we’ll still have the Lazy Man’s Michigan Preview.  At the end of the year we will once again to the PS Bowl-A-Thon. And then I’ll try to pick a big game each week to preview. Who knows, maybe something will pop up and become a running gig.

As always, if there is something you want to see here, let me know.

Alrighty then, let’s get strapped-in and enjoy the emotional ups and downs of College football. Happy Season Kick Off!

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