Friday, August 30, 2013

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Central Michigan

This is my fourth year doing the Lazy Man’s Michigan Preview and I can’t remember a year in which I was less nervous. If you are not a Michigan fan what you have to remember is that as a fan base we are a jittery bunch. We are basically Jake Gyllenhaal’s mom in Bubble Boy.

But with returning a lot of quality and the really only major unknowns limited to a position or two, things don’t seem so apocalyptic.

So there’s my season preview: We’re not totally screwed and it’s kinda nice.

With that out of the way, let’s get to Central Michigan.

Central Michigan Chippewa’s (0-0, 0-0 MAC) @ (17) Michigan Wolverines (0-0, 0-0 B1G)
Saturday 8/31, 3:30 ET, Michigan Stadium BTN

We got a glimpse of the All Al Borges offense at the end of last year after Denard was unable to throw and Devin Gardner stepped in for the final four games of the season. And well, the glimpse was nice. All indications are that Gardner worked his ass off in the off season and turned a lot of heads at the various camps he attended. So much so he’s become a dark horse Heisman candidate.

Couple that with the healthy return of Fitz Toussaint , returning Lewan and Schofield at the tackles and what has to be an upgrade of the interior line, and I think we’re headed for a nice season on this side of the ball.

Expect a heavy dose of Fitz and big games out of Gallon and Funchess.

Damn you brittle knees! Jake Ryan starts the season on the sidelines recovering from an ACL tear. But senior captain Cam Gordon is stepping in to fill the spot. Alongside Desmond Morgan and James Ross our linebacking corps should be pretty good.

Replace Jordan Kovacs is going to be the top priority of the defense. Some combination of Thomas Gordon and Jarrod Wilson/Courtney Avery and a fierce pass rush is going to have to do it. And I think it can be done.  

All eyes are going to be on the QB pressure. I don’t foresee the D having much trouble shutting down the Chips

Special Teams
NORFLEET! Dennis Norfleet is taking over return duties which caused me to celebrate. Gibby is back to continue his excellence and Wile is still booming punts.  

Expect a lot of punt return and kickoff coverage in this one.

Look first games are always tough to predict. Michigan is a heavy favorite (-31.5). I think that’s a lot. I’m excited to see Borges’ mind at work while in full command of his offense. I’ll also be watching to see how the front four get after the Chip’s QB.

I don’t see Michigan struggling in this one and look for this to be locked up by mid-way through the third.

Michigan 48 – 13

What say you Michigan Blogdom

The Big House Blog tells us to watch for Drew Dileo.

Maize N Blue Nation has a new look and lots of links and video in it's rout prediction.

Maize N Brew's threat level is a very low 2. 

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MGoBlog will have it's preview up shortly, I'm sure. But I'm going to forecast Brian expecting something wonderful from Norfleet. 

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