Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kids Make The Darndest Picks: Week 4

After a week off (child labor laws, man), the two most feared dudes in Vegas are back with another set of picks. But first, let’s recap what happened in week 2.

Both our experts went four out of six and both nailed his bonus pick. You can win some serious chedda with those types of numbers. At this point they’ll be taking over Quick Buck Thursday and maybe putting themselves through college. Either way, I win.

It’s not the most exciting week of the season, but we found a few games that Vegas thinks should be pretty close. Let’s see what Aces and O-Dubs have in store for us in week four.

Boise St @ Fresno St -3
Friday, 9/20 9:00 pm ET

Aces Pick: Boise State
Why: Because they are his favorite color

O-dubs Pick:  Boise State
Why: Because they are blue

Analysis: Road dogs be damned. The power of the Blue is with the Broncos.

Wake Forest @ Army +3
Saturday, 9/21 Noon ET

Aces Pick: Army
Why:  Because their name is awesome

O-dubs Pick: Army
Why: Because they are knights

Analysis: To grade school boys, Knights are the coolest thing ever. And really, they’re not wrong. Army played tough against Stanford last week. Wouldn’t rule out an upset here.

Pittsburgh @ Duke +3.5
Saturday, 9/21 12:30 pm ET

Aces Pick:  Pitt
Why: Because I like cats and they are fast

O-dubs Pick: Duke
Why: Because devils are scary

Analysis: Speed verse fear. It’s a toss-up really.

Rice @ Houston -1
Saturday, 9/21 3:30 pm ET

Aces Pick: Houston
Why: I like their name better             

O-Dubs Pick: Rice
Why: Because they are made of rice

Analysis: “Because they are made of rice”. What more do you need?

Wyoming  @ Air Force +3
Saturday, 9/21 10:30 pm ET

Aces Pick: Air Force
Why: Because I don’t like cowboys

O-dubs Pick: Air Force
Why: Because they are awesome

Analysis: Our second of the Service Academies and as NV Nole always told us: “don’t bet against the America”. Plus Cowboys are kinda lame.

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