Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quick Buck Thursday: Week 4

side note: never search "perfect" or "perfection" on youtube. It's depressing as hell.

Unit Roll – 28 Units

We almost had the perfect week last week. Then Kevin Sumlin got a conscious. Kev, don’t you know that there is a little thing called the over? Come on, man! Oh well, I’ll take a perfect 5-5. Especially when Duke comes through for you. Man that felt good.

Enough about the past, let’s win some more money!

Miami OH @ Illinois -24.5 – 2 Units 
Remember seeing Miami OH on my o-fer list? Yeah me too. At 1-2 ATS on the year and 0-2 straight up, I can’t see the Redhawks coming close in this game. Now I know Illinois has only been 1-7 ATS against the MAC in their last 8, but they’ve improved and Miami (NTM) just isn’t good.

South Carolina @ UCF +7 – 2 Units 
I’m considering the money line on this game. It’s up to a tasty +270 at some books. Look, UCF is legit. And I don’t think SCAR is good enough offensively to win this game, let alone cover. UCF defense is pretty damn good. The only thing holding me back from the ML is that SCAR is coming off the bye-week. But at 3-0 ATS and SCAR being 1-2 ATS on the year, I’m more than happy to take the 7 points.

Oklahoma St -19 @ West Virginia – 2 Unit 
I’m not really sure what’s happening in Morgantown. But, what I am going to do is take advantage of it. WVU is 1-2 ATS on the year and had Bob Stoops figured out sooner that the Belldozer was his QB, they’d be 0-3. Add in that they are 2-6 ATS in their last 8 home games where OK st is 6-2 and I’m in. Gundy can play 5 QB’s for all I care, they’ll be fine.

Alabama @ Ol Miss +16 – 1 Unit 
Oh if the SEC Guy could see me now. Look Bama isn’t quite BAMA this year. The defense isn’t quite up to its terrifying standard. Plus Bo and crew  are much improved and are 2-1 ATS this year and 6-1 ATS in their last 7. Bama is just 1-2 ATS on the year. Make this pick and look smart on Sunday.

Florida State -22 @ Boston College – 1 Unit 
Jameis Winston. Is that not enough? Well it should be. I mean after how BC’s defense made USC’s Cody Kessler look, Winston may not miss this week. Not to mention FSU is 3-0 to BC’s 1-2 ATS. Why only 1 unit then? Been snake bitten by FSU too many times. But that’s my thing, bet liberally.

The Baylor Bears Bonus Over of the Week
LSU @ Georgia - Over 62

SEC Defense! With Baylor taking the week off, again, we’re back in the SEC to make up for TAMU’s kindness softness last week. You might think I’m crazy here, but these two are a combined 7-0 on the over this year and in the last 6 meetings the over has hit 5 times. Plus the QB’s have some rivalry thing going, so lots of points here.

The Bob Drake “I need another teaser team to get me to that 21-teamer” Double Bonus Over of the Week
OSU @ Wisconsin – Over 54.5

Look, my Dad LOVES the parlays, teasers and pleasers. Who am I to judge? And he’s one of 7 people that read this thing. So I went ahead and invented a new bonus pick.

I know you’re probably ready to have me committed for this pick. I mean, an over in a B1G game that doesn’t feature Indiana? You bet your sweet ass. In Wisconsin’s last 56 conference games the over has hit 71% of the time. Both these offenses are humming right now. Miller has to come back and put on a show or the Bucknut fans will start screaming for Kenny G. Wiscy wants to make a statement that things are good without Bretty-boy. Someone is running up the score in this game; and its likely both of them.

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