Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweatpants Lessons: Week 2

It was a good week for College Football. We had 5 Top 25 upsets. Michigan took care of Notre Dame in the least stressful game of the last 4 years. And Eminem and Brent Musburger had a conversation.

Not to mention we learned a thing or two. Let's take a look:

Aaron Murray = NFL QB       
Aaron Murray looks like a legit NFL QB on Saturday. He was in total control of the Dawg’s offense. He also wasn’t rattled by Clowney. Teddy B is going to get the hype in this year’s draft, but whichever team picks up Murray is going to be pretty happy.

Florida is going to have win with Defense
Driskel is a below average QB. Play calling was not so good. They rushed for 2.8 ypr. The defense held Miami to 1.8 ypr and 6.5 ypc and the Canes went 1-11 on third down. All that and Florida still couldn’t win. It might take more than defense for the Gators to be successful.

Mack Brown pulling a Kirk Ferentz
Since 2009 the Longhorns have gone 5-7, 8-5 and 9-4. That’s not bad for a normal program, but this is Texas. If they don’t figure things out on defense, Big XII play is going to be rough, rough, rough for the Longhorns. 560 yards rushing? To a Pac-12 team not Stanford or Oregon. If they drop another four games (Of which three could be Baylor, TCU and OU) I’m not sure the Texas Boosters will be as patient as the catatonic Hawkeye base.

Baylor will win the Big XII
Speaking of the Big XII, Baylor is going to win the conference. OU, WVU have no offense. Texas can’t stop the run. TCU just lost Paschal. OKie State is their biggest hurdle and I think their defense is on par with Baylor’s, but the Bears offense is a notch or two above.

Kiffikins will be unemployed by season’s end
USC scored 7 points against WSU at home. USC fans booed Kiffin. There are 4-6 potential losses waiting in the wings for the Trojans. Including a potential UCLA home loss to end the season. Sanctions or not, USC boosters want to win and are not a patient bunch.

Quick Hits:
  • Northwestern is for real!
  • Jump on the Bowling Green bandwagon now.
  • I’m riding the ATS o-fer run for both MSU and Iowa. There is a chance neither will cover all season.
  • Chucky Keeton is legit! Don’t be surprised if the Aggies win the MWC and upset USC in two weeks.

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