Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweatpants Lessons: Week 3

Here are the lessons I learned during week 3 in College Football from the other side of the world.

BTN2Go = not too shabby
Thanks to BTN2Go I was able to watch Michigan hold on against the mighty Zips. Regardless of the game itself, it was pretty sweet to be able to watch it. What was weird was to watch a football game at midnight and then try and fall asleep at 3am after being a complete wreck for 3 hours.

Johnny Football is better the Johnny Manziel
Think what you want about Johnny Manziel off the field, but that kid can play football. Take back one mistake and they upset Bama again this year. Kid is impressive.

Black and Blue shirts
Nebraska may have to find another name for their defense. The Blackshirts have now given up 41 to UCLA and 34 to Wyoming this year and 45 to Georgia and 70 to Wisconsin to close out last year. Squeeze in a 13 point performance for Miss St and the Nebraska D is averaging 40.6 ppg over the last five games.

GERG = winner
Texas is moving to the top of my bet against list. They gave up another 272 rushing yards and 44 points this weekend. Not to mention no where near covering the 2 points they were laying. It’s going to be tough going in Austin this season.

Strange gear
No one gives a rat’s ass about football in Macau. I walked all around on Saturday and must have seen 1.3 million Chinese and not a single person had a t-shirt or hat or anything with a team on it. You’d think at least one person would received a free shirt from somewhere.  

Quick Hits
  • Bowling Green bandwagon crashed outside Gary, IN
  • Don’t get too pumped about the Bell Dozer, Tulsa is 112 in scoring and 89 in total Defense
  • Iowa covered. Rejoice Hawkeyes! Cyclones, basketball starts in another month.
  • UCF is legit.
  • FIU may be joining my best against club with Texas.
  • I will never mention 2007 in a preview again. I promise!

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