Monday, September 2, 2013

The Sweatpants Lessons: Week 1

As I mentioned last week, we're going to throw some new things out there this season and see what sticks. One of those new things is this segment: The Sweatpants Lessons. Basically, I'll look back at the previous week of college football and list some observations that may or may not be of importance.

Let's see what we learned in Week 1:

Potent Hoosiers
I know it was one game against lowly Indiana state, but Indiana is your scoring offense numero uno! On the flip side they allowed the Sycamores to put up 35 of their own points.

I've been saying not to ever schedule an FCS team since 2007 (for obvious reasons we will not discuss, EVER!). But 8 FCS teams walked away with victories over their FBS opponents. With the biggest shocker being #25 Oregon State falling to Eastern Washington. Don't worry Beaver fans the sting will go away sometime around 2024.

Mile High Improvement
While we're talking PAC-12, the Buffalo looked 100% better than they did a season ago. They finished with 3 passing touchdowns and zero turnovers. Last year Colorado had 11 TD passes for the entire season. Does that mean they're going to contend for PAC-12 supremacy, well no, but I think the laughing stock portion of the program could be over.

Happy Feet
OSU has a big hole to fill at right tackle and they haven't quite found the solution just yet. They might want to fix that before they play, you know, actual competition.

Football is the New Basketball
Duke pitched a shut out. I don't care who they played. Just read that again.

Quick hits:

  • Boise St. Rebuilding?
  • New Mexico State still has a program
  • Bobby Petrino is on a season long interview
  • Kirk Ferentz could commit mass homicide in the state of Iowa without consequence
  • Wisconsin and Oregon will be just fine under new management 
  • It might be time for Purdue to find a new Mustache in Charge
  • Michigan State has an offensive problem

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