Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kids Make the Darndest Picks: Week 7

The boys are back! It was suggested last week that I include their records on the season so you, the reader, can ascertain which betting guru you'd like to follow more closely. In doing so made me realize that the ironclad, logical reasoning behind each pick may not be enough. Therefore, we kick off this week's KMTDP with Aces and O-dubs' records on the year against the spread:

ATS Records To Date
Aces: 11-6
O-dubs: 9-8

Not to shabby if you ask me. They are both ahead on the year. There are sites that would sell you that type of winning information. But the two most feared "predictors" in Vegas are offering it up for free, here at Productive Sweatpants.

Enough with that crap. Let's look at this week's picks and do what we do every week:

Plan to take over the WORLD!

Arizona @ USC -6
Thursday, 10/10 10:30 pm ET

Aces Pick: Arizona
Why: My dad likes them

O-dubs Pick: Arizona
Why: They're wild AND cats!

Analysis: Oh a Thursday night special. And look I don't understand why USC is favored either.

Kansas @ TCU -25
Saturday, 10/12 Noon ET

Aces Pick: Kansas
Aces: "How many points?"
Me: "25"
Aces: "Well there you go."

O-dubs Pick: TCU
Why: They have horns and they are frogs.

Analysis: Our first split of the week. Twenty Five is a huge number to a 7 year old. But I gotta go with O-dubs here, frogs with horns are terrifying.

Miami OH (NTM) @ UMASS -3.5
Saturday, 10/12 3:00 pm ET

Aces Pick: Miami OH
Why: I don't like minutes in football games

O-dubs Pick: UMASS
Why: Cause they are U's and Massive

Analysis: What I like about these guys is they are not afraid to get in games that nobody, I mean nobody, cares about or will watch. Fearless, I say.

(1) Alabama @ Kentucky +27.5
Saturday, 10/12 7:00 pm ET

Aces Pick: Alabama
Why: People think they're the top ranked team in the world, in the world, in the wooooorrrrrllllldddd!

O-dubs Pick: Alabama
Why: They are awesome!

Analysis: No funny business here. They sound just like Alabama fans. Shades of SEC Guy there.

Oregon St @ Washington St -1
Saturday, 10/12 10:30 pm ET

Aces Pick: WSU
Why: Their mascot looks super cool!

O-dubs Pick: WSU
Why: "What did Aces pick? Oh, me too then. And the Mascot is a cougar.

Analysis: After seeing the records, O-dubs might have lost a little confidence and followed in Aces footsteps here. But really a Beaver vs a Cougar? It's a no brainer.

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