Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kids Make The Darnedest Picks: Week 6

The Scourges of the Vegas sports books are back. After a week in a small cabin deep in the mountains either hiding from various book makers and casino owners or visiting "a friend", Aces and O-dubs are back with sure-fire picks for week six in college football.

Texas @ Iowa State +9
Thursday, 10/3 7:30 pm ET

O-dubs: Texas
Why: Because they’re bulls

Aces: Texas
Why: Because they’re cool

Analysis: Look when anyone rolls into Ames, all conventional wisdom gets tossed out the door. Being cool bulls is good enough for me to go with Texas too.

Maryland @ FSU -14
Saturday, 10/5 Noon ET

O-dubs Pick: Maryland
Why: I like the points

Aces Pick: FSU
Why: They’re just like Michigan with the points

Analysis: Hmmm, they’re at odds. And that makes me nervous. Each thinking the line is tasty. But, look, their math skills test off the charts, so who am I to argue?

Michigan State @ Iowa -1
Saturday, 20/5 Noon ET

O-dubs Pick: Mich st
Why: I like Spartans

Aces Pick: Mich st
Why: Because they’re knights

Analysis: I think we’ve covered this territory before: Knights/warriors/Spartans + grade school boys = pick. It’s science!

Ball State @ Virginia -5
Saturday, 10/5 Noon ET

O-dubs Pick: Ball St
Why: They’re birds

Aces Pick: Ball St
Why: I like birds

Analysis: This game was right next to the Louisville game on ESPN’s score list. But the 4-1 Cardinals mascot I guess stood out more than the 4-0 Louisville death machine Cardinal. But either way, a good bird pick is a good bird pick.

Minnesota @ Michigan -20
Saturday, 10/5 3:30 pm ET

O-dubs Pick: Minnesota
Why: They are winning.

Aces Pick: Michigan
Why: I like the points.

Analysis: Lots of B1G today. I think Aces is trying to get on my good side. Well, it’s working!

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