Monday, October 21, 2013

Sweatpants Lessons: Week 8

Bird Hunting!
It was two weeks ago when the Lessons told you that UCF was a threat to Louisville. And then they went into Cardinal territory and did it. The Knights get Houston and Rutgers at home in two and four weeks respectively. A field goal is all that's keeping the knights from being undefeated right now. If they get through the rest of their schedule, UCF will be the Florida team representing in the BCS.

Polls Are Dumb
There were nine (nine!) upsets of AP ranked teams this week. Five of them went down to unranked teams (Washington, Georgia, Louisville, LSU and South Carolina). That left four lower ranked teams to upset higher ranking teams (Florida State, Auburn, Missouri and Stanford). I wonder if this would be the case if all polls waited until week five to release their rankings. I don't know what criteria the selection committee will use next year, but if any poll is a part of it, they've already failed.

O-Fer Quest Continues
Temple escaped the sub-basement with an impressive 33-14 win over Army on the weekend. Congrats to the owls for getting off the schnide. Not that I didn't tell you as much.

This of course leaves us with UConn, So Miss, NM State, Miami OH, Western Mich, Hawaii and Georgia State. Look for NM State to leave the ranks next week as they host D-II Abilene Christian.

Perfection Wins You Money
Wisconsin, Houston and California are the only team that are perfect against the spread. Wisconsin and Houston have not missed a cover all year. While Cal has not covered once all season.

FSU and Troy are all that remain in the over perfection column. While UMASS continues it's stinginess with perfection in the under column.

Polls Are Dumb Part II
The first BCS Poll is out this week. And the humans are screwing the Seminoles mighty. Ranking them behind Alabama and Oregon. Despite the fact that FSU absolutely crushed the two ranked opponents (Clemson, Maryland) on it's schedule to Oregon's one (Washington) which is much better than Alabama's two (A&M, Ol Miss). All this due to pre-season poll rankings. The only way FSU makes it to the Championship game is if one of these two stumble. Yippie!

Quick Hits

  • Indiana and Michigan combined for 110 points and 1,323 yards setting school and conference records along the way. Yes, it happened in the B1G!
  • Jordan Lynch (my Heisman leader, if I had a vote) set the rushing record for a QB when he rushed for 316 yards on Saturday. He broke the record held by fellow Husky Stacey Robinson.
  • Mizzou is half way to Atlanta. Get by a flailing SCAR this weekend and all that remains is a showdown with former Big XII compadre, TAMU to finish the season. 

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