Friday, November 29, 2013

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: The Game!

The other train is Michigan.

(3) Ohio State Buckeyes (11-0, 7-0 B1G) @ Michigan Wolverines (7-4, 3-4 B1G)
Saturday, 11/30 Noon ET, Michigan Stadium, ABC

Well, The Game is upon us. And by all accounts, its not going to be pretty. Ohio hasn't lost in two years and Michigan can't move the ball on offense. I'll be watching the game only out of some sick loyalty as a result of a relationship that has been so one sided the last decade it's bordering on the abusive. Someone please call the helpline for me.

Oh holy Jesus, who knows. Ohio's defensive line is good. Michigan's offensive line is terrible. Between terrible execution and what looks like piss poor game planning, Borges seems lost as a play-caller. My hope for the offense is that Gardner doesn't get hurt. I would really like to keep Morris's red shirt on him. If they have to, run the wildcat with Gallon for a full half. Can't be worse than the offense that's been on the field the last month.

This unit has played it's guts out. There has actually been some improvement for the line and the secondary. I think they can have some success against the Buckeyes. But like has been the case since the great offensive ineptitude, they will get worn down by the end of the game and give up some late TD(s).

Special Teams
Don't shank one Wile? In all seriousness a special teams touchdown or two paired with a defensive touchdown or two is the only way I see Michigan winning this game. No pressure guys.

Hoke said earlier this week that they believe they can win this game because they have "heart". I guess when you can't game plan or execute you have to rely on something. Well "heart" is great, but I'd be much happier if it was Hart:
But it's not. So I'm going to stick with my thought from yesterday. 

OSU 31 - 16

Normally I'd link out to other previews for the Michigan blogs, but it's too damn depressing. 

Enjoy The Game!

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