Thursday, November 28, 2013

PS Presents: Rivalry Week Picks

Get prepared dammit!!!

Thanksgiving is here, which means the end of the college football season is approaching and rivalry games are all around us. So I thought, why not take a glimpse and see if I can't pick a few winners out of these emotionally charged games. With that let's "get strong now"...

Friday 11/29
Washington @ Washington State +16
Ah the Apple Cup. The public is seemingly on the huskies in this one. But I wouldn't jump on that wagon just yet. The Cougars are 8-3 ATS on the year and are 4-0 ATS on the road. And although Wash U owns the series, WSU did steal the cup last year in OT.

Oregon State @ Oregon -21.5
The Civil War! Only Oregon could get away with still calling this the Civil War. And only the Ducks can bounce back from a loss to make their next opponents pay. In any other game, I may think 21.5 is too much, but this is for pride. And if the Beavers weren't on a 4 game losing streak, I might grab that number. But, the war is won by the Ducks for the 61st time

Saturday 11/30
Ohio State -16.5 @ Michigan
The Game! Blasphemy? Oh yeah. All my numbers tell me this game will be within 2 tds. But after watching Michigan's offense in great detail over the past month, I don't see how in the hell they are going to come close to scoring against Ohio. Not to mention there may be a record number of OSU fans in the Big House. There's a good chance I'll be looking at Duke stats in preparation for Tuesday's hoops match up by halftime.

Alabama @ Auburn +11
The Iron Bowl! This game is going to be plenty of attention. Number 1 vs number 4, I mean come on. It's a huge game. I hate betting against Bama, ever, but Auburn is 9-2 ATS on the year and Bama is 1-2 ATS on the road (yeah that's right you're #1 team in the nation has only played 3 road games). I really think Auburn has a chance in this game. WAR EAGLE!

UCLA @ USC -3.5
Shouldn't this game have a name? Like the Latte Bowl. Or the Sunshine Cup or something? God forbid any sports fan/writer put any effort towards this. Anyway, Uncle Ed seems to have the Trojans moving in the right direction and this seems like a game where he can work his cajun voodoo and pull out a victory. I know Jim Mora "Doesn't give a rats ass about USC" but he might want to this year.

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