Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PS Wants MACTION Tonight!

I missed out on last night's MACTION. Which I was a little sad about. But today all things were made right when our old buddy SEC Guy sent me a text and laid down a MACTION challenge. So I figured I'd let you in our little side bet.

Each week the SEC Guy and I have a little side action on the weekday games. Mostly for rooting interest and to get us over til Saturday. So up til about two weeks ago we split every single week. But now he's up and dammit if I'm gonna lose to that Bama loving grease ball. So let's see how everyone favorite blow hard loses tonight:

Miami, OH @ Kent State 
8:00 pm ET, ESPNU
My pick: Miami, OH +18.5

Normally jumping on a win-less team to cover would send me straight to the booze cabinet for the hard stuff. But here I'm going to make an exception. Mostly because Kent isn't that great either. As a matter of fact they have only covered one more game this season (3) than the Redhawks (2). And believe it or not the Redhawks have the better defense. This is way too big a number to give a two-win team to cover.

Ball State @ (15) Northern Illinois -8.5
8:00 pm ET, ESPN
My pick: Ball State +8.5

Thankfully this game is on at the same time as the one above. Because if we had to actually watch that game I'm pretty sure SEC Guy would be flipping over to X-Factor to pick up fashion tips from Simon. The good news is this game is featuring good teams and has meaning; This one's for all the MAC West marbles.

Both these teams have been good ATS, going 7-3 and 6-3 respectively. When this thing opened under 7, NIU was the pick. But now that it's been pushed over a TD, the Cardinals are the way to go. They've been more efficient on Offense and Defense. I don't think they're going to win, but it's going to be closer than two scores. If I were you, I wouldn't gamble on picking an ATS winner and just jump on the Over 72.5.

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