Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweatpants Lessons: Week 11

Thanks to all the Veterans for everything you've done and do.

Thursday Nightness
With two games featuring top 25 teams, look for something like last Thursday to happen again. Especially from the PAC 12. I think it actually gave the east coast a chance to see what Stanford was all about.

Almost Perfect
If you haven't been on the Badgers this season. I'm sorry. Checking in at 8-0-1, Wisconsin is the only undefeated team ATS on the year. Might want to add them to the mix next week.

Over The Moon
Eastern Michigan, Troy, New Mexico State, Florida State and Indiana all have only missed an over one time. In the case of the first three its because they're not very good. But FSU and Indiana are full on offensive death machines. FSU is essentially doing it on their own too, as their defense is the best of the bunch.

Running Away
Michigan is now second to last in the Big Ten in rushing yards per game. Above only Purdue who rushes half as many times as Michigan per game. Take the hint Al!

Searching For Happiness
There are still five teams that remain winless on the year. Southern Miss, Hawaii, Georgia St, UConn and Miami OH. UConn has a chance to come off the list this week against SMU, but it's looking bleak for the rest of the group.

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