Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PS Bowl-A-Thon 2013: That's a Wrap

It's required that you play this as you read the wrap up.

Well the 2013-14 College football season is in the books. The BCS is finally no more. And the PS Bowl-A-Thon is put to bed after another exciting bowl season.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank B1G for stepping up this bowl season and helping me out with all the posts. His insight and humor was a welcome change of pace for all of you I'm sure.

PS Bowl-A-Thon Pick EM
I also believe a congratulations is in order to one Jim Gentleman as the victor in this year's PS Bowl-A-Thon Pick Em! Jim's Jim Gentleman's Winning Picks entry correctly picked 20 of the 35 games and earned the most point. Congrats Jim!

Here's a look at the final standings:
Pick Set
Correct Picks
Possible Points
1Jim Gentleman's Winning Picks  Jim Gentleman20 of 35372372
2Bowl Movement  Steve21 of 35370370
3Just Win Baby!  Travis20 of 35360360
4You all suck (as much as me)  Jody F20 of 35358358
5SEC Guy  SEC Guy17 of 35352352
6Weisman for Heisman  Royalhawks7717 of 35320320
7Daddyofthemack Daddy  Justin17 of 35292292
8* Meggs & Jansen Comedy Hour  Erik16 of 35288288
9Flip a Coin  Terrence16 of 35249249

We are..ah..not so good at the picking

Well the number are in from the previews. I'm sad to say that we did miss one game on New Year's Day. But damnit man, I was hung over. Anyway, here are the records for the Pool Prognosticator's Pattern, Straight Up Picks and Against the Spread Picks:

PPP: 14 - 20
SU: 19-15
ATS: 16-18

I think the moral of the story here is, for the love of everything good and holy don't use our site for your bowl picks. It was a blood bath out there this year. We'll do better next year, this I pledge.

Yeah, but everyone knows the SEC is the best conference
As most college football fans are wont to do once the bowl are over, we are going to try and judge who the best conference in the land was this year. I'm sure some out there will go with the ACC what with FSU winning the title. Most will stick with the SEC due to the most wins argument. And some of us will look at the bowl records and hope that lends some credence to our argument. Here are the bowl records for each of the conferences this season:

Conference     Record     Win %
Sunbelt           2-0           1.000
SEC               7-3             .700
Pac-12           6-3             .666
Independents  2-1             .666
Big XII           3-3             .500
C-USA          3-3             .500
MW               3-3             .500
ACC              5-6             .454
AAC              2-3             .400
B1G               2-5             .285
MAC             0-5             .000

The results are in, the Sunbelt is your best performing conference of the year. Way to go B1G and MAC, keep up the good work.

See you soon
Well, if you've been around for a while you know that things have pretty much gone radio silence for a while after this is over. I'm promise to make somewhat of a concerted effort to get something posted weekly from here on out.

With that, I bid you adieu for at least a week. Thanks for stopping by now and again. And we'll see you soon.

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