Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The 2014 Season is Upon Us

Well it’s here. The 2014 College Football season kicks off this week. But for some reason I’m weirdly, apathetic. And I can’t figure out why.

I have to admit it bothers me that I’m not more excited. Is it an age thing? Do I have sports burn out after another great college basketball season, a foray into baseball betting, an exciting World Cup, did I, gulp, mature? I just don’t know. What I do know is I’ve searched high and low for a reason.

My season prep hasn’t changed. I’ve obsessed over MGoBlog bits of information about Michigan football. I’ve read Phil Steele’s blog three times a day every day. I’m even suffered through Countdown to Kickoff.  
I haven’t had the desire or the fire to get back on the horse after a long, long off-season. Several times this spring and summer an idea for a post popped into my head. But, when I’d sit down to write, nothing came out.

So here we are. Kick-off week and I’m searching for words. Any words. The right words. Are these them?
They are what they are. I suppose.

I’m not sure what the season will bring. I’m sure at this Saturday’s season kick off with Vegas Cyclown and NV Nole all will get right in the my world again. We’ll fire up the smoker at 7 am. Ice down the beer and crack one open at 9:00 am (that’s how we do it on the West Coast). We’ll flip between Iowa State vs North Dakota St and Michigan vs that team that shall not be named.

Which brings up an issue I have. Come with me for a minute.

Fuck you Dave Brandon! I mean really! Why the hell would you ever schedule this game again?  At least it’ll count this time as they’ve moved up a division. But still. Now I’m going to have to sit through those damn highlights again. It’s like you’ve jammed a hot poker into the faint scare that remained from that gut-wrenching wound six years ago. So, F U Brandon!

Damn! That felt good.

Thanks for coming with me on that little journey there. I needed that. Wait, was that a? I think it just might have been. It might have been the spark I needed to get this season cooking.

By the time we’re all locked onto the stage built by the Home Depot, the fire will be burning and I’ll be praying that history won’t repeat itself.

I can’t quit you College Football. You complete me. 

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