Friday, September 26, 2014

Lazy Man's Michigan Preview: Minnesota

It might take Golfers to show up for Michigan to win.

Okay, it's B1G time. New season. Michigan still has a chance to make this a respectable year given how awful the B1G is. Here's to hoping man.

Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-1, 0-0 B1G) @ Michigan Wolverines (2-2, 0-0 B1G)
Michigan Stadium, Saturday 9/27, 3:30 ET ABC/ESPN2

Just don't suck.

Since Hoke thinks it gains him some secret advantage by not giving injury updates or any updates at all, we won't know who's starting at QB until kick off, I imagine. But what ever. I'm not sure it's going to matter. Gardner has no confidence and Morris clearly isn't ready. Not that, THAT, even matters because the line regressed and the backs can't seem to find the small holes that the line does open.

Michigan hasn't shown that it's capable of scoring against anything resembling a good defense. The good news is that the Gophers are closer to Miami OH than Utah. So there is hope.

I think all the fans just want to see something that has rhythm and flow and not some janky, disjointed crap display that we've seen against Notre Dame and Utah.

Keep it up.

Minnesota is starting it's back up quarterback. They completed one pass on seven attempts last week. But they rushed for 380 yards. The good news is that Michigan's run defense is pretty damn good. All the damage has come through the air. This is a good match up for the Wolverines.

Expect more of the same. Great line play and a minor screw up that could turn into some big yards. But basically a good outing by the defense.

Special Teams
Just put enough guys on the field.

Nothing more than that. Just don't be complete morons.

Have I half assed this preview? Yeah maybe a bit. I'm really trying hard here. Really trying. I gave up and came back about 30 times between Saturday night and today. I'm impressed I'm still here.

Anywho, somehow Michigan is favored in this game. By double digits. That's two touchdowns. I don't think Vegas, or better yet, the public think much of Minnesota. I tend to agree.

Michigan's defense continues to play very well. Minnesota can't do anything on offense. Michigan's offense gives the Gophers some good field position from which they score. But Michigan wins an ugly, ugly game.

Michigan 17 - 6

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