Sunday, September 7, 2014

Open Letter To B1G Football

I think what we have here is a case of "Puppy Death Syndrome"

Dear B1G Football,

We need to talk. Like really talk. Like maybe we should go see someone kind of talk. I know how against it you are, but if we don't do something our relationship could be in real trouble. We've been hinting at it for years now. I think it's finally come to a head and we need to listen to what everyone else already know. Our relationship is in trouble.

After what happened yesterday I went on the internet and did some research. Not just for me, but for us. Some of this might hurt, but I think we'll have a stronger bond when we come out the other side.

In this article I found, Dr. Margaret Paul gives us the seven ingredients of a Healthy Relationship. I'd like you to hear my side of things and then just follow up with your feelings or better yet, I'd like to see your actions change after we go through this. Again this is not just for me, but for us.

1) Emotional Responsibility
I'm not suggesting that I have totally abandoned myself here. What I'm saying is I think I've been slipping towards a place where my emotional safety is at risk each and every weekend. This is not your fault. I know that I am the keeper of my own happiness and self-worth. What I want you to understand is when Jesse Palmer suggests in the early part of Saturday that Purdue is indicative of the other B1G schools, I may not be as apt to defend you. I know this may hurt, but I'm afraid, my emotional well being is at risk if I continue to blindly and emotionally defend the quality of the conference.

2) Kindness, Acceptance, Compassion and Empathy
Dr. Paul says that these pillars come naturally once you have stopped abandoning yourself, so for me the time for this is here. I'm concerned that your time may not be. I need you to understand how I feel, Northwestern. I don't want to be unkind, but it's important that you be empathetic to what it will be like when at work on Monday everyone is all like "NIU LOLZ". I accept you for who and what you are. And I promise to be kind and compassionate when I talk about tire fires moving forward.

3) Warmth, Affection, Connection, Laughter and Fun
This use to be fun. We use to laugh at the ACC and Big East together, remember? Michigan? Do you remember how we use to enjoy Saturday afternoons together? Back when you could put points on the board? Buckeyes? Remember when early season home losses were unimaginable? I think we can find that place again, we just need to take responsibility for our own happiness. I'm getting there, I want you to as well.

4) Enjoy Time Together and Time Apart
I think this one is really important. Look, you went out and got your own network, which we both thought would be so great for our relationship. And, during basketball season, it's really great. But now I'm afraid we may be smothering one an other. It use to be that squeaking out a win against an FCS team could be lost to the ether with no one seeing. Now every game is available for us to see. I think it's time we spent some time apart, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska. I'm just going to need some me time to get us on the right track again. It's time for you, too, to find your happiness. This will make our future "together time" so much better.

5) Learning Through Conflict
It's important that we find our system for learning through our conflicts. Yesterday was a perfect example of this. Me? What I did was turn to booze and tried to avoid texts and twitter. I don't think this is healthy for me or for our relationship. When things get rough, Sparty, and you blow a second half lead, we need a way to get through it. And, you Wisconsin. When you have nine points on the board at halftime against a terrible, terrible team, we need a way to work through our anger. And Michigan, well, I think we'll have to talk later.

6) Trust That You Support Each Other's Highest Good -- Joy for Each Other's Joy
What Dr. Paul is saying here is that we need to trust that we are not out to deliberately hurt one another. This, in my opinion, is the toughest one on the list. This morning I'm running through everything in my head and wondering if you are really capable of breaking through here. I mean Maryland, it looked like you were trying everything in your power to give that game away yesterday. Doesn't that seem deliberate to you? I will support you, I always have. But, it's going to be difficult until we heal.

7) Spark -- Physical, Emotional and Intellectual
Rutgers, I think you've done the best job with number seven. I know that each and every one of you has it in you to come through. I know it's in there. I've seen it before. We have a few more games until conference starts to light that fire. I'm ready if you are.

I hope you take these seven ingredients as seriously as I am. Like I said, I am going to work on my inner healing. And I think we may have to spend some time apart in order to get our relationship back to where it use to be.

I'm counting on you, B1G. Please don't let me down.

With all my undying love and support,

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