Thursday, September 18, 2014

Quick Buck Thursday: Surviving With Cuteness

Cute animals always make things better.

Mama said they're be days like last week. Or something. Let's rebound from last week and hit this week hard.

Unit Roll - 42 Units

Iowa @ Pittsburgh -6.5 - 2 units
B1G team on the road! B1G team on the road! Grab this number now before it goes any higher.

Marshall -9 @ Akron - 2 units
Marshall has look really good thus far. They should have plenty of offense and enough defense to cover a single digit number. This number has come down from 12, it may bounce back up. Keep an eye on it and don't let it get over 10.

Tulane @ Duke -17 - 2 units
The Dukies are back for another week. And it's a similar story. I think Tulane will give a bit tougher test than Kansas, but 17 still isn't enough points to scare me off.

Indiana @ Missouri -13.5 - 5 units
B1G team on the road! B1G team on the road!

Grab this number now before it goes any higher. Seriously, if I were you I would bet against every B1G team this week. There are 11 games on the board. At the worst you go 7-4. I'll take that all day.

Oklahoma -7.5 @ West Virginia - 5 units
Oh goody. It looks like the public is all giddy after WVU snuck out a win over a B1G team. Come on. Or maybe they're thinking about last year's 16-7 stinker. Live in the now peeps. My guess is the Alabama game is driving this one down. Alabama ain't what they use to be. Give the points and enjoy the look on Holgerson's face as the Sooner's blow out the 'Eers.

The Baylor Bears Bonus Over of the Week
Auburn @ Kansas State - Over 65
Auburn's crazy paced offense against a K-State team that needs points to win. Enjoy this one tonight as you go over the total late in the 3rd or early in the fourth.

The Bob Drake "I need another team for my 21-team teaser" Double Bonus 
Northern Illinois @ Arkansas - Over 64.5
The big man (the namesake of this bonus) hates when I put NIU in the mix. When I tell him he's likely going to say something like "NIU, you asshole. They always F me." And he's right the huskies have burned us a time or two. But, this is more about Arkansas hog of an offensive line and Beilema's tendency to run up the damn score. NIU is good for 17 in this game which is plenty to get you over that 64.5.

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