Monday, September 7, 2015

Las Cosas Que Vi Este Fin De Semana: Week 1

As you may or may not know (most likely you don't), I got married in Mexico last fall. Upon returning, my wife downloaded a learn to speak Spanish app on my phone in hopes I would be better prepared for a return visit during an anniversary to be named later.

So every morning since November I have been engaging in dos lessons de Espanol and feel I'm progressing quite nicely.

While I'm not quite ready to venture beyond Mexico's tourist districts, this explains the title of my new segment where, each Monday, I offer my take on interesting events that occured over the past weekend's games.

With that, pongamonos en marcha!

Week 1
Harbaugh's Debut
Looking at the numbers things seemed very reminiscent of last season's Wolverines, but ask any Michigan fan and they will tell you that this loss was different. This team remained competitive throughout (they scored in the third quarter, after all) and Rudock will surely iron out those passes with time.

Despite Michigan, -2 in the turnover department, was still in the game until the end.

The Georgia Techening
Holy Pants!

If you missed this one, the Jackets put up 34 points in the opening 15 minutes. Now I understand competition level and that, but that is still some efficient demolition.

The ACC better have taken notice.

Wild Wild Big Ten West
The division looks to be as wide open as initially thought. Especially with Northwestern dominating Stanford and Nebraska looking lackluster in their respective games.

Add in respectable losses by Minnesota and Wisconsin, and every game is going to carry some serious weight.

Buffalo Stance
Colorado was catching some resurgence buzz during pre-season, but yikes. I know the Big Island is a difficult place to play, but yikes.

If Colorado is going to pull itself out of the Pac-12 basement, they're going to need better QB play. A 29.8 QBR ain't cutting it. Yikes!

"Yeah, but he's super nice."
Be careful what you wish for Husker fans. Some say a team takes on the personality of its coach. Nebraska brass wanted the grating Pelini out, and succeeded in doing so.

Let's see how far Mike Riley's "nice-guy" persona takes him in Lincoln.

The U.S. entered WWII in 1941. That also happens to be the same year Temple last defeated Penn State.

After giving up 10 points in the first quarter, the Temple D shut down Penn St the remainder of the game. The Owls D limited the Lions to 2.9 yd/carry and 4.9 yds/att for a total of 180 yards.

That's an Allied, GTFO of France, level defensive effort.

What Happen's In Vegas, Stays In Vegas.
That's been the case for UNLV the past five seasons.

Under former head coach, Bobby Hauck, the Rebels went 3-30 on the road. Despite the loss to NIU the Rebels looked competitive early in Tony Sanchez's debut, but simply ran out of gas late. With all the question marks surrounding the hire of this former High School coach, Rebels fans should be encouraged by what they saw on Saturday.

Shout Outs
Bill Cubit - After taking over the Illini football program a week ago, he led Illinois to a victory larger than his predecessor, Tim Beckman, ever had.

Portland St - The Vikings took advantage of some nasty weather and MANBALLED they're way to a victory in Pullman. A nice victory for new head coach Bruce Barnam.

Autzen Stadium - Got a chance to check off a bucket list item this weekend. Autzen Stadium was a really great experience. Despite being an early season game against an FCS team, the stadium was as loud as advertised, and the community karaoke of "Shout" to kick off the fourth quarter had the little dudes singing and dancing the entire walk back to the car.

Bet of the Week:
While most people were happily cashing their Temple ML tickets, those who backed the Wildcats over Stanford took home a nice +325 to kick off their college football betting season.

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