Monday, September 14, 2015

Las Cosas Que Vi Este Fin De Semana: Week 2

My betting week was horrible, but from the aspect of pure football enjoyment, Week 2 was top notch.

Pongamonos en marcha!

Week 2
Well, well, well. Temple pulled off another upset. Is this the week we take notice of the mighty Owls?

Note to all future Cougar opponents: “KNOCK IT DOWN!!!” If Michigan/BYU is tight late when they meet in two weeks, I may turn off the TV, sit in a dark room and rock back and forth until the game is over.

Bowling Green
Is Bowling Green good? Honestly I’m not sure. I do know this; they won’t be tested again until Toledo comes to town November 17th.

Granted it was against Kent St and Western Illinois, but the fighting Cubit’s have only allowed 3 points in their first two games. Will Carolina pose much of a threat next week? Can the Illini be a contender in the wide open Big Ten West? I need answers!

Arizona State
You may have missed the late game, but Arizona State needed two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to beat Cal Poly. The Sun Devils gave up 21 points to the FCS squad. Maybe we had this team all wrong.

Shout Outs
Eli Jenkins – The Jacksonville St QB just about pulled off a huge upset at Auburn.
Eli, next time just throw it out of the back of the endzone.

Tom Hermann – Houston gets a big upset and for the second week in a row as the Cougars continue to play well.

Keep it up Tom. One of the big boys will be calling soon enough.

Matt Johnson – Through two games the Bowling Green QB is completing 60% of his passes and is 85 yards short of 1,000.

Bet of the week: 

Hey Brett, maybe you should focus on your own schedule and not worry about anyone else’s. For those of you had the cajones to lay money on the Toledo moneyline, I hope you enjoyed that +1200 win. Nice job Rockets.

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