Monday, October 12, 2015

Las Cosas Que Vi Este Fin De Semana: Week 6

It was pretty “status quo” this week at the top of the polls. Although, it’s safe to say that when it comes to rivalry games, records need to be tossed out the window.

Pongamonos en marcha!

Week 6

Red River Texas State Fair Classic (or whatever the hell they call it now)
Just when Charlie Strong really started to get into a sweaty lather on his hot seat, he goes out and upsets 10th ranked Oklahoma.

Texas’ defense completely shut down the OU running backs allowing just 1.8 yds per carry. While on the other side of the ball, the Longhorns pounded the ball with great success. Good defense and a good run game is a winning formula.

Just ask…

Michigan’s Defense
I watch a lot of Michigan football.

It’s my thing.

This defense is really, really good. Say what you want about facing over-rated opponents, but three shut outs in a row is damn good. In this three-game stretch the opposing offense hasn’t reached the red zone one time. That kind of domination doesn’t happen in modern college football. We’ll see what happens this week against Conner Cook and MSU.

The Utes notched its second straight win over a ranked Pac-12 foe. That coupled with the win over the surging Wolverines and the Utes look pretty legit. The Ute’s road to the Pac-12 title doesn’t necessarily look easy, but a date with UCLA in late November beckons.

Portland State
The Vikings are now 2-0 in FBS play following their win over North Texas this weekend. Thankfully for the rest of FBS their remaining opponents are all FCS teams.

Gary Patterson
K-State and their 60th string quarterback put up 45 points on the Horned Frog defense on Saturday. TCU won the game because their offense put up 52 points. Has there been a bigger swing in coaching philosophy than what Gary Patterson has had at TCU?

Shout Outs
Brad Kaaya – The Miami QB tossed three TDs and 405 yards in a narrow loss to Florida State on Saturday.

Jehu Chesson – The Michigan WR essentially sealed the game against Northwestern by taking the opening kickoff 96 yards to the house for the first and game-winning score.

Jordan Canzeri – The Iowa running back essentially gave the bird to AIRBHG by touting the rock 43 times for 256 yards and one TD in their win over Illinois.

Matt Johnson – The Bowling Green QB connected on all but 6 of this 39 passes on Saturday. He finished the game with 450 passing yards and 5 TDs.

Luke Falk’s Right Shoulder – Falk attempted seventy-four passes on Saturday as the WSU Cougars upset Oregon in OT. Falk hit 50 of those passes for 505 yards and 5 TDs.

In Monday’s press conference Falk’s shoulder was quoted saying: “I’m officially dating an ice machine.”

Bet of the week: 
Washington State/Texas/Washington

We have a three-way tie this week as all three of these upsets netted bettors +600 in their respective wins. Washington was on our radar here at Productive Sweatpants; WSU and Texas were just delightful surprises. 

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