Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quick Buck Thursday: Keeping on Trying

Oh but I'll keep on trying!

Hey, guess who is worse at picking the College Football Playoff teams than the committee…This guy!!

I do sincerely apologize for the complete and total ass kicking that took place last week and promise this week will be an improvement.

With no changes to the top five teams, we essentially get another shot at this thing. Alright, shitty committee picks round 2, here we go!

Bank Roll: 65 units
Season record: 23-27
Bonus record: 12-12

Purdue @ (5) Iowa -22 – 5 units
I’ll give Iowa this much, at least they are taking full advantage of their cross-divisional schedule this season. It’s not their fault that Jim Delany is a money-grubbing whore who diluted his product for a short term gain in a dying medium.

God job Jimmy!

Anyway, everyone needs to chill out about Iowa right now. If they win out, including the B1G Championship game, they will have beaten three ranked opponents, including a top ten (or five) team. That would be no different than Clemson or, say, Oklahoma State, and one less ranked team than Alabama and Notre Dame. So just chill already.

Purdue is terrible. And worse on the road.

Boston College +16 @ (4) Notre Dame – 5 units
This is more or less a home game for Boston College as it is being played inside Fenway Park, which, of course, is in Boston. Not that it will matter, at all.

BC is not great at the football either, but at least they play some nasty defense. And with Stanford on the horizon for the Irish, I think the Eagles could make this game a little uncomfortable for Notre Dame.

(9) Michigan State @ (3) Ohio State -13.5 – 5 units
Hey! Two ranked teams playing! This should be a good…13.5?

Ah hell.

Ohio State QB, JT Barrett, is going to carve that secondary into minced meat pie. And with quarterback, Conner Cook, dinged up a bit, Michigan State doesn’t stand a chance.

The Spartan’s luck ran out in Lincoln two weeks ago. This could get ugly.

Charleston Southern @ (2) Alabama -38.5 – 5 Units
Wait, what?

This is really a game?

In November?

I guess you gotta gear up for the Iron Bowl somehow. The grueling SEC conference everyone.

Wake Forest +29 @ (1) Clemson – 5 units
Well it looks like we’re really going to learn a lot about the top five this week.

6 - 10 Quick Hits
Since the top five games are stupid and a waste of all of our collective times, let’s see how the second tier look this week.

(10) Baylor PK @ (6) Oklahoma St – Taking Baylor, but just because I want nothing more than a repeat of the One True Champion.

(18) TCU @ (7) Oklahoma – No line. Looks like we’re waiting to see if Boykin is playing? Either way, no way OU loses this game. If Boykin goes I’m thinking its OU -7.5. If it’s the backup, OU -13. Either way, I’m taking the Sooners.

FAU @ (8) Florida -31 – ESSS EEEE CEEEEE. Christ, do I hate that conference.

The Baylor Bears Bonus Over of the Week
Texas A&M @ Vanderbilt – Under 43
Believe it or not A&M is only 4-6 against the total. Let’s ride Vandy one more week, shall we?

The Bob Drake “I need another team for my 21-team teaser” Double Bonus
Indiana @ Maryland – Over 64
As a shout out to Chaos Team, I’m going with Indiana and the over. Maryland isn’t good, but Indiana’s defense is really bad. Points, points and more points!

The Best Bet of the Week Triple Bonus
(10) Baylor -110 @ (6) Oklahoma State
This week, the cannibalization of the Big XII continues. This collars are getting tight in Stillwater and Baylor is pissed. Ruin it for everyone Baylor. Do it!

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